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Financial Management

DeKalb County, Georgia operates with a $4.3 Billion annual budget. Our budget serves as the basis for the delivery of county services, sanitation, public safety, roads and drainage, general operations, water and sewer services. As elected officials we must ensure financial stewardship and proper operations to maximize outcomes for the people of DeKalb.

DeKalb has a bright future. It is no secret that for over a decade DeKalb operated with no reserve funds and in 2016 had a $24 Million deficit. Through the leadership of CEO Thurmond and the work of the Bord of Commissioners today DeKalb County boasts a $110 Million rainy-day fund balance and a AAA credit rating.

As your Commissioner, I have participated in three balanced budgeting cycles each resulting in saving to the people of DeKalb due to proper oversight and sound stewardship.

​As the Chair of Public Works and Infrastructure (PWI), I oversee the highest dollar volume of any standing committee in DeKalb County. PWI is directly responsible for all allocations associated with infrastructure. PWI oversees matters related to transportation and MARTA, Roads and Drainage, Sanitation, Beautification, Stormwater, and Watershed Management. As the Chair of PWI, I have processed over $608,112,915.61 in contract expenditures since becoming Chair in 2020. As a standing rule, all PWI contracts over $3 Million are sent to Audit Review. This practice has resulted in $15,749,494 in saving to DeKalb residents in 2020-2021.